Foodie Friday

Happy Weekend!

First, I need to tell you those smashed potatoes I posted last week are the bomb.  So yummy.  I made them a second time and did some sweet potatoes too. For a little extra I added fresh grated parmesan cheese towards the end of baking time.  Check it out here.

I'm not a huge pizza girl but every now and again it hits the spot.
There is nothing better than a tomato and basil combination with fresh mozzarella.  I would add some grilled chicken!

Some folks might like a glass of beer or wine with their pizza.

These Lime Sorbet Margaritas look so yummy.  
How much more simple can it be to pour tequila over lime sorbet?  Oh my!

Don't forget to bring some sunshine into your home.  Fresh flowers always put a smile on my face!
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  1. Thax for your sweet comments, Renae and no, haven't been back to Atlanta since I moved almost 5 yrs ago! I need to try those potatoes....yummy.
    Hope you have a nice wknd! xo

  2. This is cruel because I AM a pizza girl and that pizza nd that drink look INCREDIBLE...come to mama:)
    I am a bit of a nut with lime anything, key lime pies, lime tart cookies..and a lime margarita? Heck yea!! Have a great weekend......


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