Foodie Friday

My absence is a case of bloggy block and life that gets in the way of me finding my way to the computer to dream up something interesting!

TGIFriday and it's time to eat!
I hate to tell you this, BUT, I am a salmon snob (won't eat any that is not pacific wild caught).  Spending 8 years in Alaska, MR. MD always kept the freezer full of the best Kings and Silvers.  
Don't you just love edemame?  Don't know what it is?  They are soybeans and cooked just right are so yummy.
I am particularly fond of cherry tomatoes and anything with basil. The flavors compliment the salmon well too.
These potatoes are so easy and will finish off the dinner quite nicely.

We can't forget dessert!
These single servings of apple pie in a glass are festive and delish!
Don't forget to bring some life to you about some live branches?

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  1. Love it... a salmon snob, thats too funny. Think my son is too since he will only eat the teriyaki salmon I make! Love that presentation on the wood board, how beautiful!! This meal sounds out of this world and I am going to bookmark this for future inspiration. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. i love the food......
    but i love the background on your blog even better.

    hey! hey! girlfriend
    xx hugs

  3. MY MOUTH IS WATERING LIKE CRAZY. I love salmon but my husband thinks is just "alright." I think I will make the tomato salad tonight. Happy weekend.

  4. Love the tomato & basil salad.....but honestly it all sounds so yummy! Great meal for a dinner party....

  5. OM-gosh, Those potatoes look so good. I am making those for sure! I still have to check out the salmon recipe. Thanks Renae. Great idea to add recipes and menu ideas.

  6. I could eat grilled salmon everyday of my life! It's so good for you too. Just fresh ground pepper and slices of lemon on top. Pure Heaven. It all looks so good Renae now I'm starving!!!!
    Hope your having a good weekend.
    xo Lisa


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