Black and White and a Bloggy Award

My friend Debra over at 5th and State is one heck of a shopper!  She travels the globe finding interesting pieces to fill her stores and has an superb eye for 'stuff'!!  Go here to visit the Sentimental Garden.  
She gave me a present! And with this I am supposed to tell you things about me and pass to others.
What is it about black and white decor?
I am a 'steel cut' oatmeal girl...everyday!
J'adore Louis XV furniture...
have a few pieces of my own.
I am a simple girl...don't have drawers of make-up. All I own fits in a travel bag. a fault.
can there be?
Friendship - 
a two way street 
like music reality shows...
...not a sitter,
 nothing gets done that way right?
a red wine girl
did I say that?
what you see is what you get
I've been know to give the earrings right off my ears 
I want this office!
Do you like black and white?

Go here if you want more tidbits!

all decor images from Pinterest

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  1. well, i knew i liked you, even more now. here's an idea renae......let's share a red wine while we watch idol, the voice.......on your louis XV furniture!

    1. Deal Debra!!!
      Scott's next month for sure!

  2. Love black and white and all of these are stunning for very different reasons

    Jo xx

  3. Renae, I love black and white decor. So fun to get to know you better.

  4. Renae I love knowing more about you! I love Debra's idea, we must meet one day soon!

    Art by Karena

  5. Debra is awesome and you're a treasure, Renae! You're a gem in blogworld. Have an excellent weekend. xo

  6. Lovely pictures. I really don't know what is with black and white. Sometimes it screams class and elegance, other times it just gives out a simple and modern vibe, and then other times it seems as if it makes a bold statement.

    Either way, it's great.

  7. I adore black and white...great photos!


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