Black Doors and the Versatile Blogger Award

Interior designers 
Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt
hail from southern California and are the team at 
T&G Interiors, they now pen a blog by the same name.
They are new blog friends to me and have graciously passed on the Versatile Blogger Award.  Thank you so much!
Many of you have been readers of mine for a while and probably know more about me than you really want to but the rules of the award are:
 to be a gracious receiver and thank the one (or two) that presented to you and then link 15 blogs you love to follow for the award to go to next, and share 7 things about yourself. 

It's no surprise I love black, both in clothing and decor.  See post here on painting all (23) of the inside doors on 2 floors of my home black.
Every week I volunteer at a senior living facility and do crafts with some outstanding ladies full of wisdom and grace. 
I don't 'do' fake flowers, but love creating beautiful arrangements with natural elements or fresh flowers
I have a pet peeve of cords showing when decorating a room.  It becomes a game of how I can hide them.
I am a 'neat freak', not one to clutter or stack.  I stop at the garbage can between the mail box and the door to throw away most of what comes in the mail.
I believe in gracious manners and write notes of thanks or encouragement on lovely paper...promptly, to be delivered by the post person.
I can be found on my bicycle 2 or 3 times a week 
for 30 - 45 mile adventures with fab friends.

Thanks again to Julie and Danni, please go visit their blog 
T&G Interiors, they have a lovely eye for design.

15 of my 'go to' blogs are: 

If you would like help making your house into a lovely home, 
contact MD, we will work online or in person.



  1. Renae, congrats on the well deserved award and it was so nice getting to know more about you. I share your love of all things black, looooove it and even black licorice.
    Then like you I am a stickler for etiquette and proper thank you cards, hearing that there are still people out there who value this!
    And finally a big congrats to all the other wonderful bloggers that the award was passed to!

  2. thank you renae for honoring me with the award.

    loved learning more about you, but i would like your life.......organized, riding your bike to such lengths.........things i always aspire to do!
    oh, i do share in the black and the cord issue

  3. With you ...hate cords and fake flowers...but now I admire you even more that I know where you are a sweet person.

  4. Thank you Renae for this lovely, lovely award....and what wonderful company I am keeping...I am so touched to be thought of....xv

  5. Renae,
    Talk about late with a thank-you!!! I love reading all these tid-bits and of course black doors! Happy Halloween!!!

  6. Hi Renae...I just saw this and was awarded the same one. Since I know people would be sick of hearing about me...I can not come up with any new tidbits of info that wouldn't put someone to sleep :) Anyway...loved learning about you, but I already knew you were sweet. Really hope we can hang out again someday!

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