What I do on Wednesdays

Every Wednesday afternoon I go to a Senior Living Community near my house and do crafts with some very special ladies. I enjoy spending time with them and they wonder why. Most are quite spunky and are not afraid to say what is on their minds.

There are artists of different mediums and one has shown her work all over the eastern United States. Another couple were secretaries - they reminded me today that in this day they would be called "Executive Assistants". I helped one of the ladies earlier this week on a sewing project she did with such ease still at 85. She gave me some good pointers too!

These gals are go getters and bounce from one activity to another in the complex. One of the projects we do frequently is make cards and a couple of them make sure that everyone gets a birthday card or whatever the need might be.

I see many of the 'fellers' hanging out in the library telling all kinds of tales, they are so cute.
One of the gals today told me her husband loves to fish but doesn't have anyone to go with, so DH is going to give him a ring.

Today some of the ladies were doing a beading project for Christmas and the others were painting and decoupaging leaves for fall.



  1. I love this......and you, this warms my heart.

    Say Hi to the gals from me,

  2. hey you !!!

    wanna' come bead with my 94 year old ex-mother in-law that i have living with me????
    i will make you a hell of a lunch.

    you are such a good person!

    xx love ya'

  3. You are awesome!! Thanks for sharing a piece of your life with us!

  4. You are so sweet to give your time. How thoughtful of you.

  5. This is what life is all about!
    Wish I could share a Wednesday with you and your ladies.
    xo xo

  6. Tell the ladies that I said hello! You are just the greatest Renae & I'm sure they enjoyed the heck out of you too!
    A wonderful post, thanks so much for sharing.
    xo Lisa

  7. Renae, that is such a special thing you are doing, good for you! stopping by to say hello!

  8. Wonderful Renae! Great illustration of how Design Gives Back! Beautiful .....Baby! Great heart, great work.

  9. Boy, 85 aint what it used to be!! I expected this kind of humanity from you Renae...you are a gift.


  10. You are sooooo SWEET to spend time with these lovely ladies!!!
    ENJOY your week!

  11. We need more people like you in this world. What a sweetie. ;)



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