Vote for Valorie THE VISUAL VAMP TODAY Wednesday 10/21

Vote for The Vamp and for New Orleans!

THE VISUAL VAMP, our sweet bloggy friend and my personal friend, Valorie Hart has made it to the NEXT ROUND
in Apartment Therapy's Room For Color contest with her Spicy Modern Creole Room , so let's all get behind her and VOTE TODAY OCTOBER 21 ONLY.

If you haven't done so already, go HERE to register to vote. If you voted before, you must now VOTE AGAIN TODAY, WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 21ST..

She has lived in New Orleans for ten years now, and brings her New York roots to her love for her adopted city of New Orleans. The room you are looking at is her office.
You peek through an original archway into her office, which is flanked by a pair of vintage skeleton charts. One of them sports a Mardi Gras mask. The color palette is Late Creole Tomato (a coral based red), Vibrant Turquoise, and Sophisticated Chartreuse. Generous built in shelves house her collection of design books. A white cowhide rug makes the space cozy. A pair of pale aqua lamps with couture lampshades from Paris grace her desk, an antique table from France. Nestled into a corner is a Gris-Gris altar, filled with mementos found and given to her over the years. During Katrina, the home was spared, and many credit the power of this altar for saving it! So please vote! A vote for this room is a vote for New Orleans, as well as for The Visual Vamp!
But please vote right away! You only get 24 hours to cast your vote in this round. If we pull her through to the next round, you'll be ready to make her a winner!

Go HERE to vote NOW! Look for the skeletons in the thumbnail photo.
It's a little confusing, so try to vote HERE too - but remember you can only vote in this round on Wednesday October 21.



  1. She has a lovely room and so nice of you to do this too. I will go and vote right now.

  2. What a fabulous colour! She deserves to win!

  3. Thanks so much Renae!
    The voting starts TOMORROW Wed. Oct. 21! And for only 24 hours!!! They make it so hard on us.
    You all are so sweet to me!
    xo xo

  4. Valorie is so talented....I voted! Have a great day, Renae! xo


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