Tablescape Decor

How do you display your treasures?

For many years I did displays in boutique style furniture and gift stores. I enjoyed the creative aspect of it and found pleasure in taking usual things and displaying them in an unusual way.
I prefer asymmetry to symmetry as a rule, but do bend on occasion.

I like the dried hydrangeas, I am into that right now, and the tray used to display smaller objects but looks visually as one piece.

Symmetry done well here...look through the arches, whoever designed these rooms obviously likes tables set to the wall, a lamp on each end, treasures in the middle and something underneath. If it were me, glad you asked, I would do each differently to add interest. How about some A-symmetry? One lamp, interesting pieces with various height differences, books

To me...the pitcher of flowers competes with the topiaries. Take it away, angle the boxes pushing the right corners back and adding perhaps a fragrant candle in glass or ceramic.

This is one of my faves! There is so much about this I like. Take a look at all the different textures, shapes and dimensions...books, globes, pottery, glass, silver, the leather trunk and the screen against the wall. The height and simplicity of the greenery is perfect.
I NEED one of those trunks.

Don't forget the outside...don't you just love the ivy growing up the wall?
I sure would not want to clean that mirror.

Asymmetrical - I like - BUT the scale is off on the mantel. The elements along the bottom could be varied in height...if the silver urn were only taller.

Don't forget that when displaying your treasures in the round, to make it look good from any angle. This needs something on the other side so that when walking through the front door, something of interest catches the eye.
I would not display apples in an entry, that is best in the kitchen!

I covet these candlesticks of Amy Howard's BUT I would have to rob about 5 banks to pay for them.



  1. Great lesson Renae! I loved those last two pics the best...I only WISH I had that ability! Not to mention...the stuff!

  2. Very intresting to read! And wonderful illustrations to explain what you mean!
    Great post!


  3. Love all the images and your thoughts on each but I'm especially intrigued by the first pic with the chair pushed up against the chest. Looks so great and just quirky enough to suit me. I'd love hearing everyone ask "but how do you open the drawers?" Years ago, I hung a mirrored tray on the wall of my entryway (with a few other actual mirrors) and it totally freaked people out... "but that's a TRAY, not a mirror". You'd think I'd broken some kind of law!

  4. Hey, call your post tablescapes (or something) and you'll get more google hits! I love this post, I have been thinking about composing another one but it's time consuming! You've found some really great photos!

  5. R
    these are great images.
    i love the globe shot and the wall w the ivy the best.


  6. Renae, interesting post. Enjoyed your comments.

  7. Hi Renae...some of my favorite images! Amy Howard (will never forget those double trumeau style doorways in that same room).I suppose the mirror against ivy is under a slight overhang. Love outdoor rooms...the stone wheel at base. Thanks! Trish

  8. Wonderful images...I especially love the outside one. Ax

  9. Lovely pics, Renae! I love playing around with accessories & looking at pics always helps.

  10. R-
    that header is a mind blower!!

    and i don't know what it is about IVY.
    there is never enough of it for me.

  11. Nice post Renae!

    Love the candlesticks too!

    love, kelee


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