Corner Decor

It has been a wee bit busy around here at Moore Designs, I think of my bloggy friends often and want so desperately to catch up and see what everyone is up to. I thought I would leave a cool design corner for you to ponder.

There are great details in this small space...notice the vintage bamboo pieces on either side of the sofa and also the piece that is covered in front. I was just at a beautiful antique market this week and these pieces are quite valuable! The framed images and plates along with the corner sconces add nice height and dimension. I do like how one of the images is hung below eye level on the right side. All the elements for perfect display are here: hard and soft, short and tall.
So tell me...what do you think?

Image from French Influences
Betty Lou Phillips



  1. Very nice mastery of the space...without filling every square inch. Interesting to see sconces placed one atop the other at the corner. See three wall focal point lines that seem to emphasize the juncture. Nice. Trish

  2. Love it... love the floor, love the furniture, love the walls, love the colors. So much in such a small space but it works well.

  3. love the vintage bamboo pieces, something about their coloration that is so attractive.

  4. There are many things in a small space and yet such tasteful shades of colours one does not even reflect upon it.


  5. Very nice! I love the colours! Every piece of decoration is so well chosen!


  6. Love it....and love hearing how your eye roves all of the different pieces of it!

    Busy is good...busy is crazy, Naw...busy is good!

  7. That is definitely a beautifully designed corner. I'm impressed by the designer's ability to make that space by the stairs so inviting.
    I'm glad to hear that you are so busy. I hope you are involved in some fun creative projects.


  8. I love it, Renae! Would enjoy sitting there with a cup of tea, chatting with you. Have a great weekend. xo

  9. Dan Carithers - that's his entry hall and yes, it is all quite valuable - as in expensive! haha!!1 he has the best taste. I would love to hire him myself.


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