San Fran Here I Come!

My husband and I are flying to San Francisco tomorrow for a week long bicycle trip with some friends of ours and joining about 30 others. We will cycle on average 45 miles per day with one day being 67. But since it is a "ride" not a "race", we have plenty of time to enjoy the scenery! I am so excited that Sunday we get to ride over the Golden Gate Bridge. How fun is that? I have driven over a zillion times but this perspective will be a real treat!

We will ride up the coast along Hwy. 1. I wonder if we will see some sunflowers?

I hope one of the bungalows we get to stay in looks like this!

Back on the bike and head out for another day.

Wine and cheese at night...mmmm!

Cafe in the morning before riding again!

I wonder if we will get some time for shopping?

Lunch at an outdoor cafe?

Afternoon wine tasting? Better be after the miles are complete for the day! heehee

I love PINK!

After a week of riding, a grand hotel like this will be in place! Those bougainvilleas are just gorgeous.

Back to San Francisco, pack up the bikes send back to Georgia, and then go sight seeing on this PINK vespa!

All paintings are done by Miss Fifi Flowers Design Decor Paintings du Jour! Go here to see her gallery, many of these are still for sale.
I will see you all when I get back!



  1. Fun post! It all looks very familiar!
    Enjoy your trip!
    I look forward to you making a trip
    to LA area!

  2. Bon Voyage!

    I will miss your fun postings, but will look forward to the return travel-log :)

    Praying for you, Mike, and the safety of the group.

  3. Dear Renae,

    Thank you for missing me! I have been very busy with so many things and so many people! I did drop Fifi a little missive today about the whole book fiasco and am looking forward to seeing which heads will roll as a result of my very small inquiries into the matter. It will be fun!

    What a lovely surprise to visit you and see so much of Fifi's lovely work gracing your page! She is a talent sent to us by the Gods!


  4. incredible post.
    i am jealous !!

    p.s. my daughter blew me off today....
    so,needless to say, i didn't call you on my ride down to coconut grove.

    please be safe on this trip xxx
    big hug

  5. Have a safe and wonderful trip, Renae!

  6. Have a fabulour trip! You are heading to a very beautiful area of the country. Gorgeous scenery, good food, good company,and hopefully the sunflowers will be out in the fields. Enjoy!

  7. Fifi - your designs are wonderful!

  8. Thanks ALL for the very sweet comments. Will have lots to tell upon my return!

  9. Hope you are having a fabulous trip and can't wait to hear all about it when you return!

  10. Dear Renae,
    thanks for dropping me a line before heading off for this great adventure, I always wanted to ride along hwy no 1. The vespa would be a great choice for me!

    Pedal safely and I look frwd reading your next post.

    We are celebrating Mother's day today, the weather is absolutely stunning and this summer's outdoor life is a fact. Life is great....

  11. OMG, I'm tired just thinking about it...but relaxed because of these great paintings by Fifi:)

  12. Renae,
    I hope you have a wonderful trip. Enjoy the sights and the breeze off of the big beautiful Pacific!
    I celebrated my 40th in SF & we stayed at Hotel Monaco, a small boutique hotel near union square, also loved shopping on Maiden Lane.
    Just love that city!
    We will look forward to your wonderful stories when you return.
    Be safe & bike on!

  13. What an amazing trip! Your post is just as amazing! What a great adventure in a beautiful place. Have fun!

  14. Wow, beautiful artwork and that was such a great story you turned into a post!


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