Tradition with a Twist and LR Update

I am a traditional girl, I can't help it, it's the way my brain thinks.  My sister is excellent at modern. We make a good team!
Darryl Carter
I love this English barley twist gate-leg table.  Darryl Carter takes these pieces steeped in tradition and brings them current with the white upholstery, painted floors and modern artwork.
This beautiful 4 poster European bed and bench are flanked by modern side tables.  
Under Spanish Moss
Mr. MD has a desk like this, just need to get him a lucite chair.  Not sure he would go for it, but I like it!
My grandparent's business had this type of chest in many places, solid mahogany of course.  I love how many creative ways I have seen them painted with updated hardware.  
I adore tufting and this chair is paired with a modern silver table.  Another painted chest in the background.
Darryl Carter
I was excited when I saw this Darryl Carter design featured in Elle Decor.  This is certainly not 'grannies are us', Duncan Phyfe mixed with modern cubes.

My own living room has been a work in progress for quite some time. 
I started by painting the ceiling slate gray and the walls a creamy white.
See here for sofa reno.

Bringing in color...
...and art.
Amanda Talley art here
I found this bench at the Screendoor in Ashville, NC.  Looking for a fun fabric to jazz it up a bit.

Next in line will be a carpet change, lacquer the marble top table and frame the Amanda Talley.

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  1. Looking good girl! I love what you are doing in there and the update is great. We'll have to get together again soon. 2012 is starting out very busy for me.

  2. Great job and we really love Amanda's painting and the charcoal ceiling.

  3. Yes how it is coming together!!! That sofa and of course the dark ceiling and white walls. Lot's of work but totally worth it!

  4. Oh I LOVE the sofa...such beautiful wood with the light fabric! Gorgeous, and the fabric on the table I love also. The ceiling I absolutely love painted darker. Beautiful. Thanks so much for stopping by:-)

  5. Yea, you got the Amanda Tally up! Looks wonderful!

  6. the skirted table looks DIVINE my friend.
    everything looks amazing.
    i love it!!


  7. A sofa capitone I think the best in a home, your classic decor always seems perfect.

  8. WAIT just a darn minute! This is not the same Moore abode. Is it?
    My goodness you accomplish more in a month than I do in a year!
    Renae, your vision is pure magic!
    Job well done...and I know you've only just begun. Please tell me he noticed!!!!
    xo Lisa


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