Amanda Talley and a Project Monday

Last summer while visiting with my friend Valorie, 
The Visual Vamp, we went to visit artist 
I had admired and adored her work for quite some time.
There's something about the swirls and angles...
...mixed with textures...
...and great interest.
This was a commission...would it ever look great in my home!
As much as I love her work, her talent is out of my budget.
Here Valorie and I caught Amanda working in her studio.  I have to say, she is such a sweet girl and had us up for tea in her home above the studio.

To our surprise, Amanda showed us a line of fabrics she has with her art.  I thought right then that my dream of having a little piece of Amanda Talley art might change!
This design along with the colors would work well for a project I had going on. I ordered 2 yards, but the yardage does not come as a contiguous piece, each yard (54"wide) looks like a canvas. 

It Takes a Village!

I ordered artist stretcher boards and enlisted 2 of my sweet girlfriends to come help me.
Well 'help me' is not the right term, 'do it for me' is more like it.  It was hard for me hanging on crutches to do much of anything.
and Deb are getting the frame put together.
We covered the frame first with muslin and then centered and  checked and double checked and pinned... it is all put together. 

So what do you think?   Eventually I will frame it.
Yippee...I have Amanda Talley art!

A little bit later in the week I will show you my LR, 
the 'new' traditional!

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  1. It's fabulous, you clever girl!!!

    Jo x

  2. absolutely brilliant way to bring in some art by a great nola artist. love it!

  3. Love this! Can't wait for the reveal.....glad you are up and about!

  4. What do I think? I think it looks AMAZING!! LOVE the colors, the shapes and framing it is brilliant!

  5. oh renae this is amazingly stunning! LOVE LOVE it, you clever girl.
    what did i miss, why are you on crutches?? will you be ok?

    1. Renae, Her fabrics are gorgeous! What a great idea..

    2. BRILLIANT!!! I have loved Amanda's art for some time as well. I am totally going to copy you ;)

  6. You smart girl you. I'd hang on to those crutches as long as possible. :) It looks amazing!
    Sending much Valentine Love to you my dear.
    xoxoxo Lisa


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