Foodie Friday

It has been a crazy few weeks being with parents in various needs of family assistance AND for myself having foot surgery.  I'm back!  So let's kickoff....

Super Bowl Sunday!

So who are you rooting for?  
Me?  I don't really care, but parties are always fun!
 recipe here
It has been forever since I have made French Onion soup...this looks so yummy.
Something hearty and comforting.
recipe here
Crack-tastic crackers!  
These are kicked up a notch with some red pepper flakes. 

recipe here
Oven baked Parmesan Seasoned Fries

recipe here
Hummus and Avocado Toasts
YUM...cannot wait to try these, ya need a little healthy bite with all of the other decadence!  
What's going to be on your party table?

recipe here
For a little sweet treat, how about S'more Cookies?

Don't forget to bring some flowers in!   Easy peasy in mason jars!  

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  1. Hi Renae,
    Because I'm English and I don't really follow the superbowl, I'm just looking forward to listening to Madonna at half time !!
    Enjoy the day and, if the food that you've shown is anything to go by, you will have a great day. xxxx

  2. the flowers in the mason jars are too fabulous.

    xx me

    1. Renae, Its always about the food with me. So glad your back. Hope all is well....

  3. It all looks wonderful Renae so if the game isn't a winner the food definitely will be... Enjoy

    Jo xx

  4. I wonder if we get it here?!!!!
    Perhaps I could use it as an excuse to do some cooking!!!!!
    This all looks mouth watering!!

  5. Haven't made onion soup in years, what a great reminder as we do love it. Maybe I will add it to the Super Bowl Sunday menu. Happy to hear you are recuperating Renae and hope someone else is doing all the cooking for you. Enjoy. XO


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