Project Monday

I am checking things off my 'to do' list around here at 'Casa de Moore'.
This big box came in the mail!  
Yoo hoo, Mr. MD (Mr.handyman) where are you?

I had been eyeing this lantern for quite some time and had looked around at others and on a whim pressed the 'put in your cart' button!
It was time to replace the chandy that was here when we purchased our home.
Looks good don't you think?  
I will say it was a booger to get up ...I was the handyman's assistant and at one time was holding it above my head. Oy.

In my ongoing attempt to not have my living room look like "Grannies are Us" with the furniture I inherited from my grandma, I've wanted to paint this table for quite sometime.
Since I had it on hand, I used Annie Sloan's white chalk paint to prime over the varnish. Being the careful attention to detail blogger that I am, I failed to take a picture when I was putting the color on.
In this picture it looks black, but it's actually a deep purple.
I did it purple to compliment the little lumbars I had made for the Victorian chairs.
Still working on the styling, 
it's not 'just right' yet.
How do you like my pouf? 
(Would sooo love to replace the carpet with wood).

Gotta check the list for what's next! :)

Do you need help turning you house into a lovely home?
Contact MD for design services.

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  1. Renee,
    The lantern is gorgeous!! It looks much much better than the chandelier beford! And I love your table too!!! Good job!

  2. Hi Renae,
    I can never get over how, just changing a light fitting changes the whole room. Your before and after is such a transformation. The lantern is wonderful. XXXX

  3. Looks great Renee. I just got the new Wisteria catalog much great stuff!

  4. Now you and Brooke are twinsies!
    It really looks great!
    xo xo

  5. Renae,
    The table looks fantastic with it's new color! The lantern is a lovely update as is the wall color!!!

  6. Renae, love the new fixture! It looks fantastic. It looks like your getting a lot done. Wish i could see the purple. It looks black on my screen.

  7. amazing transformation your lantern!

    finally got my hands into annie sloan and am loving it, you were the one to convince me with your before & afters. grannies table looks great

    1. Thanks Debra!
      You still coming to Scott's? If you are, when will you be here?

  8. Your new lantern is gorgeous! What a difference a light fixture makes. Very pretty!!

  9. Renae, I just made those smashed potatoes for dinner. Yum! We loved them and so easy!


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