Life in the Trees

Tree Houses!

Today we are going sight seeing.
Get your overnight bag ready and let's paddle to our destination.
I hope you have your hiking boots as we are going exploring.
A team went ahead to prepare for our stay.
The next place we paddle to we can spread out a bit for the night.
How are you liking our excursion so far?
(part of the 'go ahead' team here, as no boys allowed on our adventure).

Fresh air is so invigorating!
Just in time for some champagne. :)
You all get cozy...

I'll sleep outside tonight.

Spring is around the you have an excursion or two planned?

Do you need help turning you house into a lovely home?
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All images from Pinterest.



  1. Renae, What a beautiful spot. I like this idea! I am not a camper, but this would let you enjoy camping with a hotel feel.

  2. this would be the perfect get-away, i would be forced to set the computer aside. and.....get to meet you! when are we leaving???


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