Outdoor Clean

I was spending time with a sweet friend (younger, as in young enough to be my daughter) of mine yesterday who has a small lake house.
Her husband bought it before they were married and took it down to the frame.
Weekend projects of rebuilding and a chance to get to the north Georgia mountains to breath some fresh air.
Currently there is one bath and the budget isn't allowing an indoor addition at this point.
I suggested an outdoor shower.  
The options are endless, it just takes a bit of  creativity for your space.
It can be elaborate or simple dictated by your taste and budget.
Perfect for getting lake grunge off before coming in the house!
Great stone surround with the foliage.

Designed among the trees gives a more private feel.
Love the pergola overhead!

Do you need help turning you house into a lovely home?
Contact MD for design services.

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  1. Love your suggestion...an outdoor shower is so wonderful and conjures of special memories of coming back from the beach!

  2. The outdoor shower was a perfect temporary solution as well as a wonderful permanent addition even after the indoor shower is installed.

  3. would never have thought of it for chicago, but then again, our summers are wicked hot! beautiful examples renae

  4. Great idea Renae! We have a pool and thought it would come in handy for the kids to shower off out side. That way they wouldn't mess up my house.


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