Dorm Life for Real

A few weeks ago I did a post called 

I wanted to follow up and get 'real life' dorms from students on a budget and the creativity that ensues especially in rooms where there is barely enough room to turn around.


Molly- University of FL
Great use of space, raise the bed and use stackable containers for storage.

I love that Molly's roommate used the pink version of the same comforter.

J-Samford University

This adorable bed skirt hides the storage underneath. Note the coordinating pillows.
Cute roman shade too! I think I see a decorator in the making!

J - Samford University
cute paisley bulletin board

All of the essentials!

Good storage technique...take a cubed book case and add baskets!

Check out the Chi Omega poster which reads:

A girl should always be two things,
Classy and Fabulous - Coco Chanel

right on, don't you think?

These roommies stayed with the same colors but added their own flare.

M-Samford University
Storage shelf in front of the window between the two beds.
M got her dresser under the bed too along with other storage containers.

Geoff-Samford University

My son is a student but lives in an apartment, still his room is very small.
He did his own arrangement, proud of you buddy!

He painted his own artwork on the back wall.  
See here about the color blocked canvas' above his low book shelf.

My niece Gabrielle is a student at the Fashion Institute of Art and Design in L.A.
She has a small apartment and has done a superb job in the use of small space.

Sorry the image is so dark, transferred from my iPhone.

She very smartly divided her living area to make a study space and a place to sew.

Love it Gab! ♥

A good organizing tip is to get these multi-purpose holders that attach to the rod in the closet.  Use them for more than shoes!

I think these adult-kids did a great job, don't you?

My sweet bloggy friend Tamara of Nest by Tamara, a beautiful designer and writer is dedicating the month of September to kids in the home, stop by and be inspired!



  1. Really great!
    Fun to see what real kids are into these days. Glad to see they are still young.
    xo xo

  2. These are great realistic dorm rooms. All of them are terrific inspiration to all the kids immersed in college living. I of course especially loved Geoff's!! I only wish I could of taken Emily to WSU & helped her whip her room into shape. She's done a great job but I know there are things she could still need but hates to ask. This was a post Renae. Thank you my dear. Hoping you had a good weekend?! xo xo

  3. Oh these were so fun, especially the girls! My son's is really drab...made me nuts, but he was happy with it!

  4. I thought we were done shopping for the dorm room, but now I am thinking we may need storage under to bed. I know I saw those bed risers somewhere on our shopping excursions! Hmmm.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. So much cuter than my dorm room 10 years ago!

  6. What darling spaces! My have things changed since I was in school. I can remember that we did get some matching inexpensive spreads, oh and a shag carpet remnant for the middle of the floor between our beds. the biggest deal was being able to rent a small refrigerator. It takes me back. things were pretty simple and I was the happiest girl in the world.

  7. Our son is on the other side of the country in his second year of college, and he hasn't offered any pictures. I'd pass out if his room looked as neat and clean as one of these.

  8. how did you get these peeps to participate.?

    pretty interesting post.
    no. really cool post.

    love you xx

  9. This is a great post! I just
    helped my daughter for the fourth year and we have it down - under bed storage, bed risers, long bed skirt to hide all the stuff under the bed, cubes with baskets, wall pockets, oh the list goes on! There are tons of ways to make their rooms cute and functional! Made me smile.

  10. Hi Renae!

    Great post!

    I love their creativity and sense of self. Very cool Renae!

    love, kelee

  11. Wow how times have changed! There is no way I would have ever let my mother post pictures of my dorm room on the internet! Like I said, times have changed.

  12. Well done! Each rooms gives an inspiration to all teenager immersed in college living,I had so much fun in seeing their beautiful arrangement! what real kids are into these days. Thanks for sharing.Great Post


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