Treading Water

I have been a bad friend and blogger lately....the final countdown to the wedding is here and the details are starting to keep me awake.  I can't imagine how the mother of the bride is feeling....she must not be sleeping at all.
I want desperately to catch up with my favorite reads 
and I will.

Have any of you been out shopping for a 'Mother of the Bride/Groom' dress lately?  

Have I told any of you how picky I am?

Beautiful, no?  Perfect for Mardi Gras.

Pretty design....don't relish the idea of robbing a bank anytime soon.

I don't like shiny or grandma, 

matronly, or anything typical.

I would like to be age-appropriate.

After coming home in literal tears, suggestions were made to have one made. A sweet friend of mine who I've come to realize is a couture dressmaker said she would be delighted to make my dress.  

I went to a fabric store here in Atlanta where I'm told the owners go to New York to the garment district to buy fabric.

I wanted to see what was 'out there' in clothing fabrics.

I am one of these that likes organization and order.

Can you feel what I am feeling?
I don't do well at big store sales...too much disorder.
I was a mess....totally distracted...
couldn't do it, had to leave.
I understood grouping fabrics in come organized by color couldn't be incorporated?

After much searching the pattern books which in my opinion stink, I was struck by this.  




will be hemmed mid-calf

I went back to the mess of the fabric store and asked where the taffeta was.
All along I wanted 'eggplant'. 

God is good, all the time.


right on top...perfect.

Found this for the rehearsal dinner.
Plus a new 'do'.
Still working on accessories...heading for the jewelry mart this week.

Here's a sneak peak into a bit of table design.

practiced for a dinner party at my girlfriend's home...martini's anyone?

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  1. So what your'e telling me is that I should start looking now, right?
    Oh my gosh, thank goodness for dressmaker friends! Love the new do.

  2. First of all I must say I like your new do, so pretty!

    Wise of you to ask for the taffeta, it always looks stunning.
    I can see your concern and it is a once in a lifetime thing when your
    baby is getting married.

    I might not be that far away, it's been 4 years now and seems to be getting more serious by the day.

    You're gonna look smashing in that eggplant dress!
    Make some lists and get some sleep.


  3. i think this is extremely exciting.
    keep me posted my beauty!!


  4. You look beautiful dahling...what a great idea! I was actually surfing the pattern websites the other day...I can see how you were overwhelmed...and your lucky for your guests...


  5. Renae, You will look beautiful and I love all your choices. You have such fabulous taste, it will all go off without a hitch. Have a great weekend. Mona

  6. Awwww. How exciting. Don't let the details drown ya. Keep your nose above the water! The dress will be gorgeous!

  7. How much do I love that arrangement in the martini glass -- I assume that was your doing? I am a classic lines girl, myself, and that dress pattern is beautiful. Good luck with it!

  8. I just wanted to thank you so much for your sweet comments about my niece's concert on my blog on Frugal Fine Living! So you played cello? That is a such lovely instrument! And yes, I was the mother of the groom in June, 2009. I know exactly how it feels--searching for months for just the right dress! But your choice was perfect!


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