Art Project

My son who is in college said he wanted some art for his room in his apartment. He is quite an artist himself but with studying and other activities, time is an issue. I saw these canvas' in Wisteria but for over $300 for the set of four, I thought, how hard could it be?

Off to the craft store I went and purchased four canvas stretched over wood and found all the supplies needed.

The fabric is what I had blackout curtains made for him and used the colors in the dots for inspiration.

The canvas' in the catalog looked 'dimensional' so I mixed in some white with the paint and sponged it on.

Not too bad, eh?

My son decided on the hanging arrangement, I may have lined them up as shown in the catalog, but he takes after Mom with liking things a bit different than the norm. They would look better on a differently painted wall, but it is an apartment!

I would have take a picture of how they looked in the room but you know college kids' rooms...oy.

Although this is not truly a metamorphosis, go by and see Susan at Between Naps on the Porch and see what projects other bloggers are doing !



  1. Hi Renae,
    what will we not do for our children.....and when sharing an interest it is even more fun to help out.

    Xo my dear,

  2. Very cool idea! I used to paint (I need to get back into it), and often I will not buy a piece of art because I think 'I can do that' - but in the end, I never pull out my paints. I am impressed that you went ahead and did it!

  3. Yes Renee you are the best Mom! Please do check out my art when you have a chance!

  4. Good on you! They do look great and I bet you enjoyed making them. I am up to my armpits in craft paint today and having so much fun, just a bit impatient waiting for 1st coats to dry!

  5. Love this. You did a great job. And I do like how he hung them. Shows creativity on his part!!!!

  6. Niiiice! Good work mom! You did a great job...And I am impressed that he hung them...and in a unique way. My college kids might still be leaning on the wall...where I left them!

  7. Good going, Renae! You remind me of my daughters. "How hard can that be!"

  8. Hi Renae!

    Yeah! I LOVE your project! The colors are great!

    You are an artist--great skill with paint!!! Lovely!

    I didn't know you painted, you coy girl!

    Way to go....



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