Fabrics and Upholstery

I love beautiful fabrics and get so excited for new projects because that means I get to 
go spend time in the showrooms.  Along with picking out fabric is designing the way it 
goes on furniture or window treatments or however we are going to use it it.
The images really caught my eye and I thought I would share. 

Take a look at how this fabric is gathered on this little French chair.


....this is across the room, beautiful fabric on these chairs
but does it bother anyone else that the fabric is not lined up on the sides?  Really?
The fronts are done beautifully though with the little box pleats, but then there are those
horrid arm protecters.  One would think for the photo shoot those would have been removed.
I do spy though two pretty little chairs in front of the fireplace, the stripes ARE lined up!

This sofa is so yummy.  I have touched and drooled over this beautiful silk fabric. 
It is so plump and comfy looking, I'm ready to get my book and sit for a while.
The whole room is gorgeous, those candlesticks, I want them!

Slipcovers, are they you?  They are not really me (because I don't want to take care of them) but I do like these.  They are not too prissy, more classic with straight lines.  Keep the fellers away when they are eating ribs! ha

Simple linen, hard to tell in this photo but there is a contrasting band along the bottom edge.
Cute room.

If you like formal, the damask on these barrel chairs is beautiful.  
If you want a different look with the furniture you have, why not try changing the look by changing the style of upholstery?  If you did not see my post on tufting, check it out here.  


  1. Renae, That little french chair is my color, style and the gathering is so beautiful. For some reason I think it is dressed in a ballgown! I love all your images. So inspirational. Now this is how to do white- all warm and textured. With rich tones as well as lovely soft whites! I have a real nails on chalkboards reaction to a room that is so white it looks like the contractors came in with their white paint sprayers and went wild. This is so well done and so beautiful. It is full of light and life.

  2. That couch is amazing to say the least..
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  3. The silk sofa with the pillows is fabulous. Love it, the pleated chair as well!

    Art by Karena

  4. Hi Renae. Love that quilted couch, esp. with the camel back. I agree...details matter...love the idea of grosgrain edging. Love fabric, just have the hardest time "settling" down and choosing!I have a backlog of things to reupholster! XO Trish

  5. Arm covers? That is so bizzare!
    I feel like I have been working with hard surfaces far too much and I am craving a fabric hunt!

  6. Great post, I love the first room in your post, so pretty! Thanks

  7. i love the first french chair back with the rushing.
    and the last image ...


  8. I love all of these photos. That French chair and that quilted sofa are sumptuous!

  9. I love it all but the first chair with all its beautiful gathering is my favoirte.



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