Tuft Love!

 What is it about tufting that adds so much character to our upholstery?

Do you likey?

Turquoise and lavander.....beauty.

Which would be the most comfortable?

Do you prefer leather or fabric?

It's so hard to choose.

YOU do it.

Horchow Collection


  1. I LOVE tufting! I have a chair, an ottoman and a bench. Each in different rooms. I think in each space if I took the tufted piece away, the room may seem a bit dull!

    Wonderful examples you've shown!

  2. I do likey! But what I don't likey is when I buy tufted vintage and want to recover and the price for tufted reupholstery is INSANE! I love that blue sofa.

  3. Well the only leather I like is tufted so I would say it depends if we're taking tufts! I agree they really are great!

  4. Hey, Renae! I do love tufting in certain spots. ANd I can't wait to see your new chairs all refurbished & updated. They are going to be beautiful!

  5. Ooooh these are ALL trés FAB!!!
    LOVE the tufting!!! LOVE your blog header too!

  6. i love it all... i guess if i have to choose... velvet!
    glad you are back...xx

  7. Definitely leather for moi!
    But a little bit of both doesn't hurt.

  8. I love tufting, diamond tufting especially :-) Hard to choose a favourite, but it might be the bench in the very first picture.


  9. I love tufts and can't decide whether I prefer leather or fabric - both can be fabulous! Happy Tuesday, Renae! xo

  10. I dunno...they all look perfectly comfy. Kinda sorta.

    Hemmed to your knees.....I completely doubt it, girl!

    Love ya!

  11. I have two tufted pieces in m house. They are divine. A fat, rolled arm reading chair and an antique leather porter's chair. And I adore that purple curvy chaise you've pictured!!


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