Chair Finale

It's been a busy couple of weeks and my attention to blogging and bloggy friends have been neglected.  Sorry.
Work and life get in the way sometimes of our good intentions.  

A few weeks ago I posted here to get off my butt and get a project done of my own.

When my fabric (Robert Allen, Oval Circle, Safari) came,

I asked you:

By a majority, horizontal won.

 One comment from Acanthus and Acorn  sealed it,

 " It will look more modern and less like a stripe."

..and that's what I wanted!  

Old chairs doctored up a bit...

I'm over them but not in the plan to replace any time soon.

Next project:  the dining room chairs!


  1. I can relate to blogging being put on the backburner when there are other things commanding attention. Yay - on finishing your chair. It looks all new and fresh!

  2. Isn't it fun to be able to get other opinions before you make up your mind? That is certainly a lovely side line of blogging. My last idea got a resounding NO I wonder if I will listen!!!!

  3. Niiice. But aren't those already the dining room chairs??

  4. They look great! Really do love your fabric choice!!!

  5. Wonderful re-do, Renae! Looks terrific. Thanks for the sweet comment. xo

  6. So cute! Love the new fabric. I'm glad you liked the burlap bed skirts- I think they're so cool too! Great way to bring in texture that you don't have to actually touch or feel the roughness of! Now that the chair is done, you are free to start a new project right?!? Tee hee :)

  7. It's so hard to keep up with all of my favorite blogs. There just isn't enough hours in the day. I think we all understand how difficult it is sometimes to do it all.
    Your chairs look great Renae. Horizontal was the way to go!


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