Project Monday

In an attempt to keep myself from procrastinating (don't we all?) most Monday's are going to be called PROJECT MONDAY!
There might be a tip or two along the way that might encourage or inspire you to get busy yourself!

Because I cannot make up  my mind what type of  barstool I want,or find some that I would need Oprah's bank account to afford this is what sits under the bar presently. HORRIBLE.

Did I mention that I am lazy?  Well I am, and I didn't want to sand this puppy down.
Trick #1 - I painted with a flat paint FIRST, it covers nicely and sticks to varnish.  YAY!
And since my favorite colour is black, I just happened to have some paint in the garage!

After the 'flat' paint has dried, THEN you can paint 'gloss' over it!
Much better. 

I am on the hunt for 3 'interesting' barstools.  I don't like 'normal', I am drawn to contemporary, but steel legs really don't fit in (I don't think?).  

Do any of you have any good suggestions for fun barstools?


    I love these from Sentimento Antiques in NYC.

  2. hmmm. The fourth and the sixth from the bottom have been on my short list.

    But the nuns slay me....toooo funny!

  3. the nuns are hilarious! i cannot believe you found that! i had to do a double take... he he

    i have old vintage bar stools... from an old pub in london... i also have round metal stools... really look great but for comfort... must have full back support..

  4. LOVE all the barstools you rounded up... and your barstool looks FAB!


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