It's no secret that I enjoy cycling and ride with some girliefriends with different groups.  Summertime is tough for me with the temps reaching 90 or above and the humidity factor. I'm looking forward to fall to get back out.
You can find us on on our skinny tires, clipped in and helmets clasped.
When traveling I enjoy renting this type of bike and tooling around.
I need to tell the MR that I want a this type of gate in the backyard!

Do you remember your tricycle?
Road bike for 5?  Would your kids sign up for this?
I'll bet this bike has quite a story to tell...wonder the miles, the people, the places.
Nice 3-wheeler, perfect for village shopping.
Did you ever have a basket on your bike?  I did, pretty sure there weren't flowers in it! This is a great garden ornament.

Tell me about your bicycling adventures!

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  1. oh i am with you, atlanta is too hot right now!
    oh to be a kid when the days were long and the miles short

  2. I haven't been on a bike in hubby would love it if I would start riding....

  3. I only ride bikes while on have reminded me what fun it is!

  4. Giving bikes a new lease on life! I love all the interesting and clever ideas for repurposing these beauties.

    Mari Rose

  5. Thank you for your new ideas. Here i got some of Living room design ideas for my friends house and hope I will contact you soon. natural living room


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