Floral Arrangements: Real or Fake

What is your take on real vs fake foliage in your home?

I used to do commercial display in retail stores and the fake stuff is great to work in for interesting spaces.  However, (in my opinion) in one's home, natural is best. 
This image is from a real estate listing. 
I see 4 fake arrangements and it looks cluttered.
  If your cabinets are dropped it's better to leave them bare than 'decorated'.
This kitchen is in another home just on the market.  
Here you can see the cabinets left clean on top. 
Much better visual.
This kitchen has natural live plants.  
Did you know certain live plants help with cleaner air quality? See here.
Branches in the chandy and a simple arrangement on the counter.
In my own home, I sort of go nuts with dried hydrangeas and branches. 
I have  a few live plants as well but not so great at keeping up with the watering. Usually find them 'hung over'.

I would love to hear your views, what do you think?

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