Project Monday

I've had several projects going on around here at the casa.
Last year I bought these outdoor director chairs at HomeGoods and left them out all winter.  
Time for a I had some new covers made. Will definitely bring inside this winter!
I need to 'work' on the outdoor table.  A HUGE disappointment from Ballards, stain not holding up well at all.
I learned from Tara Dillard about 'vanishing thresholds' meaning your outdoors should be an extension of whichever room looks out at the garden.

Next...the front door...
I stripped the varnish off and painted it a couple of years ago. Go here to see.  It really takes a beating in the heat. 
A friend of mine gave me this 'sander deglosser' and I thought I would give it a try.
It takes the sheen off of existing paint so that new paint will adhere.  I really didn't have it in me to strip the whole thing down again. At the bottom where the paint was bubbling off I used a sanding block to smooth the edges.
I decided to darken up the paint a bit.
Turned out great.  At the bottom where it looks like I 'missed a spot', it's actually where the weather stripping is folded under.  Mr. MD isn't around to help with that, will put on his 'to do' list! 
How is your front door looking?

Frame for powder bath mirror.
I just did one for a guest room bath a few weeks ago.
I picked the same moulding with the intent of a different finish. 
Starting with ASCP Coco...
...I used some silver and gold 'rub 'n' buff' paint rubbing on with my fingers, then used a gray/black craft paint and 'dry-brushed' it on.
Don't forget to paint the backside.
Make sure glue is on outside so it doesn't show once mounted.

The boards were really long and one had a slight bow in it, Mr. MD thought he could get it out by wetting down the wood and putting weight on it to straighten it out.  Unfortunately it didn't work.  :(  I now have heavy books on all corners and am leaving for a week and will try again to mount this weekend. I'm a 'get 'er dun' girl and I don't like these little hang-ups! Sure don't want to have to start over.

Now is a great time to get some of your outdoor projects done before it gets too hot outside!

Do you need help updating or creating new spaces in your home?  Call MD, we'll pull it together for you. Don't let distance be a barrier, we can design for you via the web!


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