I enjoy the beauty of beautiful gardens but am really not much of a gardner and playing in the dirt is more of a chore than enjoyment.
I love how the birdies share the feeder!
Because I am a 'visual' person I do what I can to make it easy on myself and plant as many perennials as possible. Last year we planted a ground cover in this bed and this year it really took off.  The fist pic is early spring and you can see the transition of blooming which unfortunately is a short window of time and the last pic I took today.  Since I'm not a gardner I can't tell you the names of everything.  :( Behind the bird bath, something is coming back that I know has yellow flowers! And in the foreground will be dwarf butterfly plants with purple blossoms. Ladyslipper Nursery is extremely knowledgeable and so helpful and they directed us on plants that bloom at different times so there will always be something colorful blossoming in the yard.
Love how this single jasmine plant has taken over!  Helps hide the Big Green Egg that has made its way onto the deck. A few years back I got Mr. MD to get the grills (yes plural, and a smoker) off the deck.  Remember to get your grills out of the line of sight from the windows where you look out onto your garden. They are not a pretty visual.
Early spring until now!  Like I said I can't remember the names of plants and this silver one has taken over and gotten taller than the daisies that will be blooming soon.  These have a tall shooting stalk with a small cluster of yellow buds, they are super hearty and can be chopped, which I will need to do after they have bloomed.  I like varying heights in the garden but the front should not be taller than what's behind!
I love when the azaleas bloom but again they are pretty for just a couple of weeks.
My hydrangeas are on their way!  I love to watch the transition in color.  They start off blue and then turn that apple green which I really like.  I have found too, that if you wait until the end of season just as they start drying on the vine, you can cut them and bring them in and put in a vase with barely any water and let them finish drying and they will stay pretty.  If you like to cut them during the season, they will last a few days for inside enjoyment.
I hope one day to have some land around me and not be encased in a subdivision. I really wanted to put some fun string lights along the deck railing but the location of the electrical outlet makes it impossible.
I know a funny picture.  
I bought solar lanterns at Target and after being in the sun all day they illuminate the deck at it!
How are things shaping up around your casa?

One of the easiest and most refreshing ways to update your space is by changing the wall color.  How long has it been for you? 5 or 10 years? 
Don't let distance be a barrier, we can design for you via the web!


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