Foodie Friday-Memorial Day

A Day To Remember...

As you begin to prepare for the holiday weekend and bar-b-ques and friends, take a moment to reflect on WHY we have a 'day off'.  The freedoms we enjoy are fought primarily by young men and women who have given their lives to put themselves in harm's way, many giving the ULTIMATE sacrifice.  Take time and pray for these brave warriors and the families they leave behind.  It is hot (and I complain about Atlanta - shame on me) and sandy, dirtier than we know with none of the conveniences we take for granted each day.

After thoughts and reflections of those who serve and you are enjoying your friends, a layered salad is great for a get-together.
Brownie kabobs - YUM!

Sunflowers would be a great addition to a party table.  They remind me of "America" right along with apple pie!

Have a safe weekend.

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