Project Monday

Nothing says welcome more than a nice entry to your home.
Except when it looks like this.
It was either get to it NOW or wait until spring.  I missed my opportunity last spring and honestly I always go in my home through the garage and 'out of sight, out of mind'.
Once I got the goo on there and started scraping I wondered, 'now what have I gotten myself into?'  It was a 4 advil kind of night.
I tried to protect the hardware but the goo loosened the tape and I ended up taking it off, totally messing up the finish on the handle. Figure that out later, get to sanding.  I'm telling you, my right bicep is buff!  :)
I painted it the same color as the outside shutters...
and did a bit of antiquing of my own on the hardware.
I'm really pleased with how it turned out!

Do you want your house to be a lovely home?
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  1. looks fabulous!!! Love the color...Happy Birthday to you :)

  2. It looks fantastic, Renae! I love the color and the hardware came out beautifully!
    I'm taking a que from Sherry and wishing you a happy birthday, too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)
    xo isa

  3. yes i want my home to be lovely.
    and YOU can do it!!!
    the door came out great!

    as usual xxx

  4. Renae, It looks so good. Great job! Happy birthday!

  5. WOW!!!!! For purely personal, selfish reasons,this may be the MOST USEFUL AND TIMELY blog post ever! My front door is a double door version - sort of - of the door in this post! I am thrilled to have a concrete example of what painting could do for such a door. I'd be crazy not to follow you.
    Many many thanks! :)

  6. beautiful transformation! The color and the pots of mums on the brick look gorgeous...and I love the American flag in the reflection!

  7. dude
    i got your sweet message!!!
    the door is JUST RIGHT.

    i am gonna call you now!!

  8. it turned out wonderful!!! I do that all the time too, start something then wonder what have I gotten myself into!
    The hardware looks great too, but if it shouldn't hold up for some reason you can try steel wooling (that's 'so' not a word;) any finish off down to the brass and just letting it patinate to a natural brass color. I did this in Dallas with my door hardware and kick plate and it was so pretty!


  9. What an amazing transformation... I love the color would you care to share the paint color and brand? Thanks so much.

    Warm regards,

  10. Well done, what a difference. I love that olive color, just beautiful. Who wouldn't want to walk through that entry??

  11. Renae,
    It's looks so good, totally worth the effort!!!
    I like the way the hardware looks now :)

  12. Oh you did a really great job.

    It looks wonderful now,

    what a lovely transformation.

  13. Renae I love your front door it is so inviting, you go girl, I am working on my biceps, will be in rehab at least three weeks. Total left hip replacement next week!

    Wow I am also looking at your yummy pumpkin Trifle, yum!

    Do come and enter my Designer Pillow Giveaway!! (Also a great resource)


    Art by Karena

  14. PS Renae I love your new photo, you look younger every day!!


    Art by Karena


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