Foodie Friday

Many years ago I worked one summer at Commander's Palace in New Orleans in the party department.  They are world renown and that's where Emeril got his start.  They make a 'to die for' Bread Pudding Souffle with Whiskey Sauce
Oh gosh I am drooling right now.

I saw this Chocolate Bread Pudding and even though different brought back great memories.  This recipe is made in a slow great is that?

There is a bit of prep time, but well worth it. 
 I can smell it now!

What's blooming in your yard now?
Go get 'em and bring 'em in!

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  1. Oh, this is when I hate being gluten free! Love bread pudding!

    1. For you and other's that are GF, there is a brand of bread called "Udii's". I buy it for my DIL and soon to be DIL. I have tasted it and it is actually quite tasty. Udi's has many GF products. Trader Joes, some groceries, but also through Google and Amazon! Check it out!

  2. Love mixing booze with dessert! That sounded a bit tackey but you know what I mean. One of these days I must have breakfast at Brennan's and dinner at Commanders Palace! Just remembered that one of MR's old friends worked there too! I'm sure you two knew each other because that's just the way it is with us! Hey let's make this when you come to Lexington! We'll drink & cook. Or maybe we'll just drink!
    Have a great weekend my dear.

  3. there are not too many things as satisfying as a great bread pudding.

    i know you must be's a big hug
    talk soon

  4. We have roses blooming in our yard...and I just cut magnolia branches to bring inside, too. How gorgeous is that orange??


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