Project Monday

I flew to the Pacific Northwest a couple of weeks ago to visit my son and daughter-in law who are expecting their first child very soon. 
I snapped this from the car of Mt. Hood in the distance with the Columbia River in the foreground. The weather was perfect the entire week I was there, didn't break out into a sweat was glorious!
My daughter-in-law and I went the very next day to one of her favorite little antique stores and we scored this table and 4 chairs.  I had an idea!

She is a girl after my own heart in liking the gray tones.  We used a Valspar gray (have no clue the name of the color) and I mixed with a bit of white chalk paint so I didn't have to sand.
Next was a wash made of black craft paint and water which finished in a dark gray.

After days of work and finished with a spray urethane, this is how they turned out.  Not too bad and the kids are happy.
DIL had an idea to use this screen door horizontally above her guest bed. I love this door...reminded me of one at my grandma's house.
She has a white duvet with blue toile and so she wanted to use blue.  You can see an ever so faint brown swipe across that I put as a test.  She liked and thought some white would be good too.
I came up with this but she favored the darker blue better so we fixed it.  The blue was toned down with a little black and brown brushed in places. 
(didn't get a pix)
Her most favorite was getting the nursery all together...she's definitely nesting! Her parents got them the glider and some sweet soul crocheted that beautiful blanket. We found the frames at the same antique store. My son put together all the furniture, have you ever looked at those directions?  Oy.
She had a vision and all of what went into it and I helped her get it all together.  The rustic piece in the corner is from another shop we didn't get to.
They are all set and ready for the little one's arrival.

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  1. Fantastic job on the table and chairs...she's so lucky to have you!!

  2. man oh man!!!
    you are super mom for sure.
    your daughter in law must jump up and down with joy
    when she knows your coming.
    i know i would.


  3. Renae, Looks like you had a blast. You are so blessed to have a good relationship with your daughter in-law.

  4. Renae,
    The table and chairs look fabulous. Your a good mom!!!
    So I have to ask...where is the update on those chairs??

    1. Donna!
      Chairs went back to owner, we're deciding on fabric and will DEFINITELY brag when they are finished. So excited about how the finish turned out. Stay tuned.

  5. Hi fun to be expecting a new little baby!! The chairs and table are so pretty...and what a beautiful spot they are in!

  6. Oh Renae, the nursery looks so adorable. The excitement for the arrival of your first grandchild must be mind-numbing? I love what you did with all your projects. The kids must of been so grateful to have you with them and so helpful? You're going to be the best grandmother there is, I know it.
    Much love to you,

  7. p,s, - your photo of the Columbia makes me feel at home : )

  8. So happy to hear you were in the PNW, where do they live? I grew up skiing on Mt. Hood. What a happy and lucky daughter in law, you've made magic out of those items, it all looks great. I would love to see an image of the screen door as a headboard, what a great idea! Happy weekend to you!!


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