I have enjoyed every minute of a one year old and her mom in my house for the past week. My arms have been full with lots of loves and laughter! I have managed, however, to get the chairs almost finished. Just need owner's approval on color before waxing. Tell me what you think. :) On my way to WA to see my son and DIL to do some decorating before 'little man Moore' arrives. Oh is my heart ever full and so grateful to Him who blesses me.

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  1. Dear Renae,
    Aren't grandchildren wonderful ? Welook after our grandson every thursday and have such a lovely time ..... although, it's hard work !!!!
    ....and, I LOVE that chair.....just my cup of tea. Much love. XXXX

  2. These chairs look beautiful, I cannot wait to see how you finish them.

    Have a wonderful day! Elizabeth

  3. The chairs are looking pretty good. Love the gray color... Have a great time with your son. Boy it sounds like were going to become grandmas at the same time!

  4. ooooh
    that chair could turn into something amazing!!
    and YOU WILL DO IT!!!


  5. Our grandchildren are growing up so fast; I feel I never have enough time with them!

    Wow Renae that chair will be wonderful!

    Art by Karena


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