It's Monday and after having a house full of 'adult kids' for a weekend of wake-boarding (the young ones) and water-skiing (the old folks), and lots of eating, it's back on track to healthy eating and getting the washing machine fired up!
I was noticing over the weekend my hydrangea bushes.  The blossoms start out blue which I know has to do with whichever way the soil is...alkaline or acidic.  Don't know which is which or what produces what! 
But then at some point, the blossoms start turning my favorite shade of green. I'm not much of a blue girl, so I am thrilled when they turn.
 Do you know the way to dry them so they don't shrivel?
I have all these drying right now...keep the stems submerged in water until all of the petals have dried, then you can arrange them out of the water. My neighbor knows I have a 'thing' for these lovely gems and I went over and cut some today.  You'll notice a couple of pink ones!

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  1. Two of my favorite things... spending time with adult children and hydrangeas.It sounds like you had the perfect weekend.

  2. you are way ahead of me!!!!
    drying flowers?

    i am sure my mom knows up here in maine...
    i will ask.

    i will call soon, i have had my hands full.


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