Design and Spaces

Tonight as I do most nights, I was perusing Pinterest. 
One of my favorite boards I catalog is
Design and Spaces.  Here is a random sampling.
One of the marks of a good designer is one that can embrace a variety of styles, not just his or her own personal preference.  
I like a mix of different styles, don't you?
I actually used to have a black and white striped settee.
Too bad I still don't.
Love the pleated ottoman.
Sorry for the blurred the mirror over the fireplace.
The millwork here is extraordinary. 
 The creams,whites and golds make a beautiful room.
Contemporary sofa mixed with the traditional mirror along with the white room actually feels comfortable. I can just picture a fluffy rug softening the wood floors.
What do you think about this space?
This is fun too.  
I can see a bland room, 
no personality.
Add some shelves asymmetrically, 
frame some fabric, add your personality with the chair! 
I can see a variety of different chairs here, and just by that, the tenor of the room changes!

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  1. Isn't Pinterest great?
    Its one of my guilty pleasures too.

  2. I like the mix and match approach to create a well curated and collected home. I totally agree with you as a designer you must be able to create a variety of style to appeal to a larger clientele base. We all have a look...that sets our style apart.


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