Project Monday

I left you here with the two tables painted two tones and not sure if I was satisfied.
I decided to keep the white and the gray and did a bit of distressing.
Last step...waxing.
You can see my supervisor Erma in the background.
Wax on with a brush to keep it on the lighter side.  I found from the project on my sideboard by putting it on with a rag it is harder to keep even.
Last step after a few hours after application - buffing.
I think they turned out nicely, client is going to be happy.
 Here are the two color palette's chosen for the bedroom projects Moore Designs has going on.
Great colors and totally different feels for each room.

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  1. YOU are so talented! I never would have thought of wax! Love the two tones and those very pretty curvy legs. Is it a his and hers set?

  2. I LOVE both plans!!! Of course partial to the more neutral one...less commitment!

  3. i like them 2 tones.
    keep it.
    and every thing else is great.


  4. These came out AMAZING.....LOVE the colors you chose, perfect!!

  5. Renae, You did a great job. I want to paint my dinning room chairs. I just can't find the time! I am in love with your fabric picks. The black combo is wonderful and has a sense of whimsy.

  6. They came out great! And you are a saint to that for a client!
    xo xo

  7. i think they are beautiful renae, well done!
    your two projects must be shared when completed, the fabrics and colors are really stunning

  8. Love the color and finish of these tables...great job!!

  9. you my darling are alot more patient than i am! i can certainly learn from you!!!
    it all looks great...xx


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