Project Monday

MD bedroom projects had me looking for tables that we can use to flank the bedside in one room.
If we can't find something in the home we go out looking.  This time we scored in the home.

Left over Annie Sloan Paris Gray paint I used on my sideboard last year. 
I didn't get the lid back on well so the paint got thick, a wee bit of water does the trick!
I've never painted with latex, thought I might try.  This is some left over SW 7650 Ellie Gray I had used on a different project.  Funny that it's almost the same as the Paris Gray.
I removed this handle to the tea cart.
I love using this outdoor tablecloth as my drop cloth.  You'll see it in most of my project posts.  It works so much better than other plastic, it has a cloth bottom and doesn't tear.
I thought I might try a two-toned application...not sure.
Annie Sloan Paris Gray and Old White.  I used the latex on the tea cart and Sloan on the table (remember Bombay?).
I also did some distressing....not sure about this either. 
I'm not finished, will look some more tomorrow.  May end up painting white and glazing and finishing off with clear wax. Will let ya know.  
I did some textile shopping while in the neighborhood of Lewis and Sheron and Forsyth Fabrics here in ATL the other day.  Still need to get to the ADAC. 

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  1. Renae,
    The tables are fantastic! Great job!!

  2. Come down to Award Fabrics Renae, we have so much to choose from & are to the trade only. We are here to help! Love the tables!

  3. looking great renae! great lines on your pieces

  4. What a difference! Way to "make it work" to quote Mr. Gunn :)

  5. why don't i love next door.
    i love doing this stuff...
    and it would be fun to do together.

    love you sista'


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