Beamed Ceilings

Mr. MD and I have begun to think about and make plans to head west - the Rockies or the Pacific Northwest - in the next few years.
We want a'woodsy' feel but not 'cabin in the woods' for our primary residence.
My design boards on Pinterest are filled with many rooms that have beamed or coffered ceilings.
I like both natural and painted.

Like the black and white, I would lighten the walls more here. (we're looking at ceilings here, not decor)  :)  
Detailed ceilings add a great deal of interest to a room. Love the floors here too!

If we end up in the northwest where it rains a good bit I don't want the rooms to appear dark.
I know the walls will be creamy.

These are some great inspirational photos.
What do you think?  

photos from Pinterest and Houzz

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  1. Beautiful inspiration, Renae. I wish I could plan a move to the Pacific NW, anywhere !!

  2. Renae, Isn't it fun to think about future design plans. You will have a plan for every room in the future house up in the mountains, way before you even move. Am I right?

  3. Hello,

    We are thinking of places to move in the next few years also, in fact this very weekend we discussed a house like many of the ones you have featured.

    I have to tell you, I do not want to move! I have moved som many times in my life I am tired of it...I hope who ever buys our house wants it furnished!

    I hope you are having a great week.


  4. I love beamed and coffered ceilings, Renae! I am sure your place will be gorgeous. xo

  5. how fun to begin planning and beamed ceilings, what a must! great examples here to ogle over
    my husband wants to retire in the pacific northwest, me england. think he may win this one


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