Project Monday

 Oh how I would love a total powder bath reno with a base that makes a statement...
...and a sink that sits on top with some interesting hardware and change the mirror and lighting. 
 Of course that would mean a floor issue, then a wall issue, and a total paint over.  Not ready for all of that and we don't plan on staying here until we are taken out feet first. :)
I opted to wield the black paint brush again, and tried like crazy to dismount the tp holder.
Even while standing on my head with my readers and a magnifying glass I could not get that sucker off.  Hate those things,  sort of the way I am not fond of towel bars.
Funky Glicee's on opposing wall.

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  1. Looks great black!!! What color are the walls?

  2. quick fixes can sometimes provide the most impact.. love the black vanity base..and dislike towel bars too..

  3. J'adore...Very cool and very Chanel right now!

    Jo x

  4. "We" or I, painted our powder room vanity black & added some tongue & groove to the side a few years ago. It made all the difference in the world. Paint is a wonderful thing!

  5. You make us laugh!!! Your way for words is so true "tippee holder"! Bathroom Looks wonderful!

    Hope your week is going wonderful!

    Renee and Angela

  6. Renee,
    This is wonderful!! I love the black painted cabinet in the powderroom!! Gorgeous idea! It looks so chic!!!
    PS I am a subscriber of your blog now!!! Much more better!!

  7. Oh gosh for a second I thought you were here taking pictures in my guest potty!
    Did the zact same thing but lucky you....I still have the alllllllmond color sinks!
    Yours looks so crisp and pretty! Good job! And I bet your doors are killer!

  8. Good job! I really like the black. Did you paint the walls black also? I am re-painting my bath and can not figure out what color.

  9. Taylor,
    I painted the walls a few years ago a very dark green (so dark it looms black).


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