Baths and Bars

 Towel bars - what do you think?

John Saladino

In the powder bath why not fold a small towel and set to the side?

Brooke Giannetti Velvet and Linen

I love where her inspiration comes from.

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd.

More Saladino inspiration?  Note the bar with the linen towels, decorative vs. function.

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd.

Sure beats one of these.

Mona Thompson

Beautiful hooks, again decorative vs function.
Towel to be used laid to the side.

John Saladino

Towel bar here...
I would opt for hooks.
Who am I to disagree with the master?

John Saladino

over the side
isn't this tub to die for?

Josephine Ryan French Home

a nice hook is far more pleasing to the eye

Josephine Ryan French Home

What would this room look like with a bar hanging across that wall?

Josephine Ryan French Home

Notice through the mirror the towel hanging on the hook on the door for the bath?  Here the hand towel is laid to the side.

Betty Lou Phillips French Influences

Suzanne Kasler

So what happens when the towel is wet?
A hook either in the room somewhere or on the back of a door...

 Carolyn Roehm

...or as Carolyn shows here.

Brooke Giannetti

This is my favorite for the bath, nicely hung hooks.  Again, what would this room look like with an unsightly bar?

Sandy Keller

My sister has her own aversion to bars.
Wonder if it's in the genes?

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  1. I never thought of an 'aversion' to towel, but I think I must agree. I prefer hooks hands down. Seem to work better too when you have kids and younger adults. They are far better at hanging a wet towel if it's on a hook. It' just looks tidier doesn't it? Such great baths Renae, I think I now want Calgon to take ME away!!
    Much love to you xx

  2. Renae, we discoverd your beautiful blog from Mona. Go glad to have found your blog. We do have an aversion to towel bars and would prefer other creative ways. Hope you have a great weekend! Angela and Renee

  3. Renae I agree! I have always had pretty baskets filled with rolled towels. So many think they must have a towel bar!

    If a towel is damp, however not dirty, often I will just toss it in the dryer with a freshening sheet!


    Art by Karena

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  4. I agree. So many pretty and creative ways to display a towel!


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