Weekend Fun at the Mart

This past weekend was the Atlanta Market for retailers and designers. I had a mission - find outdoor furniture for my own residence. Of course that was for 'later'. I went on a zig zag course to 'get to' the outdoor floors.

The very first showroom was one I have wanted to visit for quite some time.

I was thrilled when I got to meet Ms. Tara herself. We had fun dropping names of some mutual friends!

Oh my goodness I NEED one of these Italian grisaille. It would be beautiful in my LR! Note those gilded iron cachepot's.   

There are so many lovelies. A definite stop when I travel to New Orleans later this year!

The bed and this chest from Modern History.  All hand crafted with dovetailing and beautiful detail in antique reproductions. 

Bobo's Intriguing Objects

Brooke at Velvet and Linen did a give away along with Mark Sage, Bobo's owner of this Brickmaker's table.  See here.

Of course I like clocks, but don't forget to take in all that is in this corner like the horse heads and the lamp post!

Well I like mirrors too....

These food covers are quite nice and heavy too, I lifted one of the middle ones and it had to weigh 10 pounds!

Love these pewter sugar bowls...
...and silver napkin rings,

how about these hot beverage pitchers?
For some reason I have a thing for round pedestal tables.
Every good girl needs a crown!
Fun glass lamp.
These are old drafting tools...thought of my architect friends.

Across the hall...Bliss Studios.

One of my favorite stops when I go down to the Mart.
Not only pretty furniture, but great textiles too.

 Time to move on...
Four Hands Showroom

Told you I had a thing for round pedestal tables!  Too bad someone's handbag and a drink was on the table.  Just didn't think I could remove them!  Ha!
Great drafting table.
Like contemporary? Something for all tastes.

I had to snap this for my friend Valorie the Visual Vamp.  See her Union Jack armoire here.

Move on down, move on down the road.... 
to Tritter Feefer - another of my 'must stops.'  All made right here in Georgia.
Hmmm. I think my fave pedestal!
Southern Accessories
I see game room here. 

 Always have to check out Barbara Cosgrove lamps. 

 She always has interesting finds. 

I said I was on a mission for outdoor furniture, failed to take pictures.  Finally got there the end of the day and I was 'over it'!!  Pooped.

Friend Kathryn and I playing around with my ipad camera first thing in the morning!
Fun couple of days...sensory overload!

Would you like your house to be a beautiful home?
Contact MD!


  1. Oh my gracious, what beautiful things at the market. We are sad to have missed it! Thanks for sharing with us. Have a beautiful Monday!
    Angela and Renee

  2. ok, i just have to meet you renee in blogland......too much in common.such as my two blog friends mona and valorie
    i LOVE the atlanta show and am having a pity party for missing it, you went to each of my favorites.........thanks!
    now, off to order and immediately add you to my blog list, cannot miss another thing

  3. Renae,
    YEP...I'd say you had a fabulous time! So what ya buy???

  4. So much fun hanging around with you on Sunday!!! We love the same things:)

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  6. Aw Renae,
    Thanks for the shout out!
    Can hardly wait to see you in NOLA!
    You know I love to shop with you!
    xo xo


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