NY artist Catherine Latson discovered Oriental bittersweet during her hikes in the woods.

 A pesky vine that can climb to 60 feet and has the ability to choke trees, she found it perfect for sculpture with its natural twisting and curling. 
 I adore this wall sconce.

In my future cabin this chandy would fit right in.

Add a glass top to this pedestal to make a very fun side table.

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This just in!
from the oh so fab Fifi Flowers...

....she says DELICIOUS!

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  1. mind feels twisted with all my wants!!!

  2. oooooh FUN!!!! Let's get TWISTED... LOL!!!

  3. Love the twisted vines. Makes a great hanging basket! Like that pedestal too!

  4. i love the look!

    it sounds like fun my love xxx

  5. my home is always in facelift mode... and i am going thru piles of (stuff) that has accumulated forever... you can imagine how thrilled i am!
    xxxx happy weekend to you sweet friend xxxx

  6. You could think of a lot of things to do with this vine? How big can the roots get? I love to make things with dried out twisted wood.

    Bill |


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