Tale of Two Sisters and Blog Award

These two beautiful ladies...

are sisters, best friends and business partners from Little Rock, AR!
Their shared love of antiques and European influenced style of decor reflect not only in their own homes but also in creating the perfect design for their clients.  

I hope you will take the time to go over and meet these two dynamos!  You will love their blog Providence, Ltd,  and if you are ever in Little Rock be sure and stop by their shop of the same name!  

One of my favorite series of theirs is Sunday Supper along with all of their fabulous design inspiration.  


came to me by way of the 'Sisters'

When I was growing up I always got into trouble for talking too much, who me?, at school.
And I have been told I am opinionated (really?)  So for me to get a 'commenter' award validates that I talk too much and have something to say on just about everything! ha!
With my receiving this award, I, in turn must pass it along to 10 others and give my thoughts on the questions that go along with this award.

1.  Why do you blog?

We as women wear many hats and one of my hats is a professional organizer as well as a decorator.  The professional organizers monthly newsletter said a number of years ago, “if you don’t blog, you should”.  I am not a writer so I wondered how I was going to do this.  I ‘googled’ design blogs and Joni Webb of Cote de Texas was the first one that popped up.  I read hers and then read every blog on her sidebar.  I wondered how I would find my niche and not sure I really have two plus years later.

2.  Name your three best memories.

Lala Theresa and me in our Alaska sneakers!

One of the first best memories I have is when I went to the United Kingdom for the first time.  I was born in Cambridge, England and my father took our family to England, Scotland and Wales for my sister and I to see our birthplace when I was 16.  We had 3 weeks of fun and adventure, cathedrals (gosh, do we have to go to one more?), castles and B&B’s.  
The second would be the births of both of my sons. Joy and love I could never imagine. I get a glimpse of how much the heavenly Father loves us when I look at those two now young men.  
Third would be in Sitka, Alaska when my three girlfriends; Theresa, Lenore and Cora, and I - we call ourselves the LaLa’s because we all studied opera together - were boated (by one of the hubbys) out to a small island to spend the weekend in a Fish and Game cabin with no running water, an outhouse, built in bunks and a propane heater. We took all that we would need for the weekend, and ate, sang, played games and had a blast.  We were a bit skeered of bears but kept watchful eyes!

3.  Name four of the best fiction books you have read.

My best fiction reading is when I am traveling.  One of my favorites is  The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews. Mostly I read non-fiction and just finished Crazy Love by Frances Chan and Radical by David Platt both having to do with Christianity and our role in the 'American Dream'.  My Bible is a daily read as well as My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers. 

  Of course I love design books and have stacks, my most recent purchase is John Saladino's Villa, such a talent and wonderful inspiration.

4.  What are the five best movies ever made?
This is a toughie for me as I am not a movie aficionado.  I see movies on an occasional basis so I am not really equipped to say what is best.  I like sports movies that have a happy ending and chic flicks.  I go with my sons sometimes and wonder if I am going to ‘get it’.  Hehe!
5)  Name five things I cannot live without.
My Bible
Friends and family
Protein powder
6)  If you could change your name what would it be?
This is funny because I have really never thought about having any other name.  But since I now live in the south, how about Sara Beth, or Laura Jane?  My parents are Texan but I was raised more in California than anywhere else, my son calls me a California southern girl!  If I was still in CA, maybe August or Summer!

7.  Tell us a unique and interesting fact about yourself.
Being the daughter and wife of military officers, moving was a way of life which brought many changes and lessons of adaptation. The many hats I have worn have shaped me into the person I am today.  I am very tender hearted and can tear up over a commercial seen on television.   : )  
8)  What do you love best about yourself?
Well first off I know that I am only who I am because of my relationship with Christ. With that He has given me the ability to be an encourager and to see the good in others.  I like that I am a strong woman who can tackle just about anything (that comes from the military).  Honesty and loyalty are in my opinion my two best qualities.
9)  If you had a freaky Friday experience, who would you change places with?
I have no clue!
10)  What is the best thing about being a woman?
The best thing about being a woman who is 50+ is the wisdom and confidence that comes from living a bit.  I love that I don’t worry about what other’s think and do what I know is best and nurture those that I care about.

Thank you Sisters for this award!

There are so many super commenters out there, that's where we as bloggers keep the fire in us to keep going when we ask ourselves, "why do we do this"? 

I pass the torch to (in alphabetical order!):

If you do not know any of the great gals behind these blogs, I encourage you to go and visit!



  1. I love these ladies.
    And I really really miss you. You are overdue for a visit to NOLA.
    xo xo

  2. You are soooooo kind to pass this great award on and to include me with all these great bloggers. Thank you very much Renae. I love learning more about you. You are truly a fascinating gal; one of substance, a playfulness and conviction. I love strong women too & I think that is one reason why we've connected. I never wanted to be the kind that waiting until the spouse can home in order to get a job done. I cool that you were born in the UK? I can totally see you as a Summer..hah! As for these fabulous sister, can't wait to see more. They are gorgeous women and obviously talented too.

    Love you Renae! xo

  3. Renae, Just reading your post was double confirmation that you truly deserve this award. We have connected from the first time I visited your blog. You have most definitely found your niche. You are true to yourself and that is what we all need more of. You inspire us all. Thanks so much for your gracious comments toward us. Your a wonderful, talented woman and friend. Have a great weekend. Mona

  4. Aww. WHAT an honor. I do believe I talk too much too.

    But YOU...Your blog is always full of optimism and faith and family and fun. You most certainly are rightfully bestowed this award. Congats...and a big thank you!!

  5. i can't believe this great honor you bestow on me....
    i will do my very best in passing it on!

    you know i love you.
    you are a true friend xxx

  6. Renae, I am so honored! I just received your email so I will put together my answers.

    I truly believe I am the one who has been gifted by you and all of my blog friends!

    Art by Karena

  7. renae, so wonderful to read these tidbits about you. I think so many of us began blogging in the exact same way...!

    I want to take you up on your recommendation of John Saladino's book - he is an absolute favorite...


  8. All great people, bloggers and ladies of good taste and talent... Well Done!!!!!Maryanne ;)

  9. Renae,
    You are such dear to think of me. What a privilege to be included with you and the other lovely ladies.
    I enjoyed your post and continue to learn so many interesting tidbits about you.
    I will give the questions a look-over and look forward to passing the award on to others.
    Thank you again,
    xo Lisa

  10. Renae,
    I loved reading this and learning more about the gifted sisters and YOU! You are such a special person, with so many gifts and a wonderful capacity to love and encourage others. You are a bright and beautiful light to all around you. xo

  11. Dear Renae,
    your have such a warm heart....I'm humble by your award.

    I'm all packed and organized for take-off tomorrow,
    just wanted to stop by and say I talk to you later when I get back.


  12. renae,
    a belated thank you and I loved getting to know you better in this post!

    And...your organizing is looking soooo good!!!


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