Project Monday

I can't believe I am actually going to show you the closet in my office.  
Even organizers and designers have messes sometimes.
So here goes...
There, I did it.   This is for all of my organizing client's out there....
Do you have a space that seems to be a 'catch-all'?  Well that was my office.  
I pride myself that the guest bedroom closets are ready for guests and not full of my junk.  I abhor messes so this was driving me nutzzzz.

Everything came out including the wire shelving (can't stand that stuff and it's in every closet in our home), and Mr. MD filled the holes!

I decided to paint it the same color as the bathroom, (hard to tell but it's an olive-y green color) so if both doors are open it looks uniform!  Back in the day, I could paint an edge like nobody's business.  BUT these days trying to look through reading glasses, not so much.  

To heck with it....I painted the ceiling too.  I have been a bit spoiled since we moved here because for the first time EVER I hired painters to come in and do some work.  I like that much better.  : )

We got this shelving unit at Lowe's and I scavenged baskets from Mr. MD's office (he never used them!) and now it is functonal!

I even got my 'cello in there!  Yippee!

Next will be the office...oy. 
 I have a plan but first need to go to Scott's Antique Market
heading back to Atlanta February 10 & 11!

Lowe's shelving unit:  $93
Paint - $25
Baskets - Homegoods (all) ~$100\

Do you need help with some organizational issues or making your house into a lovely home?


  1. I love the wall color, the shelving, baskets, it all Renae. Doesn't it feel great to tackle a job & get organized? Two thumbs up I'd say. Wish I was going to the Antique Show with you; what fun!

  2. It all looks great! Love that paint color. If we can work it out we will be at Scott's in February too. We have to meet!

  3. Hi Renae, Thanks for being honest and showing us the before picture! :) I love those baskets and your new look is so clean and inspiring.

    I am a silk floral designer and your mouth would drop to the floor if you could see my workroom and closet right now! I still haven't tidyed up since Christmas. It is so overwhelming I just keep saying ~~ Later..later.. Oh! I just need to get in there!
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    PS Love the paint color!

  4. congratulations, very nice , especialy the colours!!!!

  5. Now this is inspirational...I can think of at least 2 closets in my house that need such a makeover...the colors you chose give the space such credibility...nice use of baskets goodness you got in all going on...great color, textures and functionality.


  6. Hello !!! you are sure, we are both arquitects, I apreciated yours comments. I love your post, is very nice !

  7. Renae OMG I thought I was seeing double, my office closet is just like yours used to be, am am so inspired now...hope my daughter in law will help me!!

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