I rarely peruse the fashion pages

but today at the gym whilst 'glowing' like a man

I took a gander.  

I again realized why I don't waste my time

rarely does 'real life' come into play even for the young and skinny 
not to mention the young at heart and 'mature' physique.

I like to dress like I decorate...clean lines

simple yet elegant

Lines that lengthen

a little pizazz 
(the skirt a wee bit longer for moi!), 

Does he come with?

This is me, like I said, simple lines.

add a colorful pashmina 

or just rock it casual while working at home!

Does your home need a facelift?  A refresh? 
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  1. Not only is so much of this so-called "fashion" totally irrelevant to the way most of us live, work and play, 95% of the population can't even afford the knock-offs of the knock-offs, let alone the originals!

  2. Loving that black and white dress. Perfection!

  3. I love your idea and style for fashion. Simple with clean lines and hemming.

  4. J'adore fashion pages! FAB photos... Had to steal one!

  5. omg
    the blk and wht dress.
    apparently it is soooooo YOU
    and ME!!!!

    love you xxx

  6. Love you Renae....keeping it real & classy too!
    xo Lisa

  7. Renae, I love going for the classics clean lines, comfortable, whether working or in the studio.

    I haven't Forgotton my fab award and will answer all of those burning questions on my next post!

    to brighten your day....

    Art by Karena


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