A Gift Wrapped Life

Penned by the beautiful and talented

Sande Chase, an interior designer with a passion for gift wrapping beautifully.

She gets much of her inspiration from fashion and interior design.

Sande is most gracious with her 'how to's
see here.

a beautiful take on Hermes

She has a new addition to her family,
meet Miss Daisy!  
Oh my goodness how cute is she?

Sande's blog is such a beautiful place to visit regularly, not only for her beautiful designs but to meet a lovely woman.
One of her other passions is cycling and you know mine too.  Perhaps one day we will share a ride!



  1. What beautiful stuff. It might seem silly to some but a nicely wrapped present is really a gift all on its own!

  2. Thank you Renae for a most lovely and gracious post. It seems we have much in common, I just may make it to Atlanta (a fav city) and cycle with you one day, you are so lucky to be able to do it year round. You are so sweet and you have made my day. Daisy send her love too. XO and xo

  3. What a sweet tribute to Sande and gorgeous images!

  4. I always enjoy my visits to Sande's blog. So stylish and I just love the images:)

  5. Renae I hope you two girls get a chance to ride together one day. I must admit that every time I wrap a package I now think of Sande. How would Sande do it. Would Sande be embarassed of my wrapping job? She is amazing and can't say enough for her talents. As for her new Daisy, I'm in love! Beautiful post about a beautiful lady!
    xx oo Deb

  6. I love Sande and her site, it is always inspiring. She chooses perfect combinations! Sande's new family member is a cutie!

    Art by Karena

  7. Miss Daisy is so cute. Love a beautifully done present too. I always try to do something special with my own gifts. People really do love it.

  8. Thanks for the introduction , I'll visit there now. I'm in love with Miss Daisy. She looks just like my Cappi did 14 years ago.

  9. That Sande is a gem! So sweet and talented, much like you. It'd be fun to cycle with you both. xo

  10. really
    she is too talented.
    her wrapping style is special most definately.

  11. oh my...look at those gifts! Too beautiful to open. And that little fur baby!!! Awwwwwwwww!

  12. Two of my favorite friends riding tandem here!
    I might have to take my training wheels off to keep up with you both.
    Renae, you summed her up perfectly. Sande is one of those rare individuals that comes into your life and is always so gracious and kind. She has what I call repose of the soul.
    We can never get enough of her or her gifts!

  13. I do love to look at her blog. Some of those wrapping ideas are totally out of the box and absolutely gorgeous. She's so talented!
    Lila Ferraro

  14. Sande's items are soooo GORGEGOUS... and I would like to steal Miss Daisy!


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