Designer - Suzanne Tucker

One of the nice things about living in Atlanta is all of the wonderful opportunities to learn.  This past Thursday the Ainsworth-Noah showroom at the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center hosted Suzanne Tucker 
who is said to be one of the top 100 designers in the world,  

to talk about her design style, much of what is featured in her latest book...

She has a love of architecture and rich warm tones

along with pieces of substance
I love that screen

and beautiful textiles.

She shared her love of wallpaper and and expressed that she saw it no less difficult to update than paint!
I suppose when someone other than oneself is removing it, that is probably true!

This bathtub is carved from a solid piece of marble that was installed before the walls! 
Suzanne said she loves 'over the top' powder rooms and thinks that will be her next book.  She has a few in this book.

She has her own line of textiles

and on the horizon is dish ware.

The Ainsworth-Noah showroom is beautiful and by itself could complete a job.

This is a beautiful fireplace screen.

designed by Sidney Portier's wife Caternia 

and aisles and aisles of scrumptious textiles.
I am a geek you know?!

A-N had a most delicious lunch for us all.  
Then to my shock and horror I watched designers put their plates and glasses on all of the beautiful furniture pieces around the showroom. Where are people's manners?  I'll bet there were some circles on the furniture, but I digress.
It was a lovely afternoon and I enjoyed Suzanne so much, a delightful woman.  One could only wish for a clientele such as hers with seemingly no budgets!

Another showroom for another day...Jerry Pair.
So many lovelies, this was their window and again I was struck by the textiles!

I was so surprised to receive this from Suzanne this evening...

Dear Renae,

What a lovely surprise to have your blog forwarded to me and how kind of you to write about my talk at Ainsworth Noah.  It's funny that many people thought I was only showing projects from my book when in fact all but 2 have never been published - perhaps those will be in the next book!  It was lovely to see such a nice turnout and such a positive response to my textiles.  Thank you for being there and for the kind write-up.

With best regards,


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  1. oooooooh.
    what a yummy day.
    her work is delightful.
    and at jerry pair? i love jerry pair.
    truly a top drawer showroom.


  2. Would have loved to have been there. It's Atlanta for us next Market rather than Dallas. It's just so much closer and we are very comfortable there not to mention Sister's daughter and grandson live in Dallas.

  3. Oh how I would of loved to have been your +1! Suzanne's work is to be admired and how fabulous she is for writing you such a thoughtful email. Kuddo's to Suzanne. As for Jerry Pair, I think you would of had to pull me out of there kicking and screaming. Great post Renae!

    Cheers to you my dear xo xo

  4. Oh Renae,
    What a nice, nice post about Suzanne Tucker.
    Isn't it just the best when we take time to stop and truly appreciate the beautiful designs of others and then they stop and notice an admiring eye.
    Your story & her note of thanks only confirms that the cream always rises to the top!
    xo Lisa

  5. suzanne not only has good taste, she seems like a wonderful person... and as for the food and drinks on furniture... it makes you wonder doesn't it?
    have a great day sweet friend... xoxo


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