Inspiration Files

Oh my...this has gotten way out of hand!

  I am in the process of cleaning out and re-styling my home office.  It has become a 'dumping ground' of sorts which I cannot stand, so part of the overhaul is tearing and sorting and filing ideas that inspire me and reducing my already stuffed files.  This is a great 'Project Monday' but it's going to take a bit of time.
How do YOU sort and file?


  1. I need to spend a day or two on this myself. Waiting for snow for that. For years I have torn out of magazines and filed by room. The problem with that system is I might really like the curtains in the living room so which file do I put it in? Recently I have started scanning the images into the computer and have set up the same room files but I can save the single image as many places as I want to. I do the same with downloads. My snow day project will be to get all the old images that I want to keep on the computer. that will take a while!

  2. Oh my dear you are having all the fun! I get like you and have to tackle something like that or I can't stand it. I sort..throw..& donate. Usually a trip to Ikea for storage files or boxes is in order. That way I can treat myself to some Swedish meatballs to make it all worth while!
    It's going to look fab Renee. My whole house looks like dirty bomb went off..ugh! Hugs to you my friend xo xo

  3. oh my i love your new header!
    and i so hear it with the magazines... sometimes i just take stacks to the recycling bin and drop them... i so dont like doing this but sometimes it is too overwhelming to try to sort thru tear pages etc...

    out with the old... (most of them) and in with the new...
    but i do still have my martha stewart... they will never be the same...

    wishing you peace, happiness and many blessings in this great new year! xoxoxo

  4. With a trash can and shredder close by! I made a lame attempt to start my office re-do last year and never finished...

  5. re your comment on my blog ...BRAVO. i feel the same!
    and i just saw your christmas card.... wow... so stunning! what a happy occasion.... xoxo

  6. renae, thanks so much for your kind comments. I really appreciate your thinking of me.

    I must say I'm a purger. I have maybe thrown away too much, but it helps clear my house and my mind!

    happy new year and thanks again! love, donna

  7. Well, I used to think I was so organized by tearing out and filing by room or whatever I seemed to be constantly leaning towards. That was before blogging and I was just doing my bare bones house.
    Now with my blog, I never tear out since I am usually wanting to know more like the architect, source, designer, photographer, etc...
    So the system I use now is not high tech but works great for me at a glance. I have devoted an entire bookcase to magazines, standing up in clear lucite holders. I have a color coded (green for garden) sticky-tab method of recognizing what I want with the sticky notes visible at the top of the page and key words jotted on them.
    This works great and is a quick reference to the entire article and not just the one page.
    That's about as organized as it get's. Everything else is on my computer which I NOW back-up all the time!
    It feels good to throw out too...almost forgot that part!
    xo Lisa

  8. I do both methods.Scan and save. Have giant binders (Christmas,crafts,bedrooms,kitchens,etc.)and use clear sheet protectors and sticky tab sections within each category(red country,shabby chic,)etc.


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