Tea Time!

Rodney Smith

Come sit with me and have some tea!

If you are like me, there seems to be few moments to just 
and enjoy.

Moore Designs has been off on a bit of a tangent of late.

On a 'whim' last week, I decided to paint the deck.

3 days later and a kink in the shoulders
but got 'er done!
Old deck furniture gone, looking for replacement!

 Bed pulled together for a photo shoot at the house

it has been a work in progress beginning earlier this year with paint
(more on this later)

Saturday, sweet friend Susan and I.....
what was I thinking taking a picture so close....oy.

...packed up the car and headed to TN for our little triathlon on Sunday

If you have never been to Arrington Vineyards
owned by Kix Brooks (and some partners)
 of the famed Brooks and Dunn country music singers,
 you must go.  

Gorgeous vineyard just 25 miles south of Nashville.

We met up with our friends for the triathlon......

....and set up our picnic and enjoyed the vineyard's 
award winning wines! 
and I say this as a California girl where some of the best wines come from

THEN we went inside for a tasting.  Good times.

Lost Loon...a spectacular family event.  
I'm telling you anybody can do it....really!

Whoever thought bike clothes were flattering......NOT.
Joni, Renae, Susan

bike.....canoe.....trail run (or walk!)

I fell in love with this little feller!

"Gray" says, "hi five"!
His parents are definitely 'serious' athletes, I spy a for real
triathlon bike leaning against the stop sign!

Families with little ones 'alter' the route a bit so fun can be had by all
and the kids feel a great sense of accomplishment!

Most of you know my eldest son is getting married late October....
been working on rehearsal dinner, flowers, decor, dress (oy), etc.
All the while getting ready for an installation in DC!



  1. I so admire your athletic prowess Renae!!!
    And the bedroom looks so good!
    Nice to see a post from you!
    xo xo

  2. wow... you are sooo busy... and i am exhausted just reading it!! missing you and hope you are well... it looks like it! proud of you... xxxx pam

  3. Yes, tea and some giggling one day would really be nice!

    I'm amazed by your thriatlon performance.....



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