End of summer.....really  ready for fall.

Leaving for Nashville tomorrow for a fun triathlon.

a little biking - 9 miles

canoeing instead of swimming....I like that!

...and a 4 mile jog, er power walk for moi!

Lost Loon Trithlon, check it out here

Will let you know how it goes.....

happy weekend!  ♥



  1. Good luck....I'll be thinking of you, Braveheart!

  2. Now THAT sounds like fun! Break a leg.

    not really.

    you know...

  3. I soooo admire you my friend. I wish I had taken the time to read this before today as to have left you encouraging thoughts for a great triathlon. But, I know you have great spirit & much who love you cheering you on.

    Hoping it went very well and you had a blast?

    Hugs xx deb

  4. I am so impressed this is how you "celebrate" the end of summer...thought it was suppose to be spent lounging around!


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