Girls on the Run!

Life is full of adventures 
and you get out of it what you put into it. 
I am thrilled to be part of

Girls on the Run ®!

It is a wonderful non-profit prevention program that encourages pre-teen girls to develop self respect and healthy lifestyle through running.

The curricula addresses all aspects of girls' development - 

-  their physical, emotional, mental, 
social and spiritual well being!

Girls on the Run International (GOTRI) is the parent organization of more than 150 Girls on the Run councils across the United States and Canada.

GOTRI establishes, trains and supports a network of community-level councils with local volunteers. 

The volunteers serve as role models to the girls through coaching the 
12-week, 24 lesson curricula.

See if there is a GOTR chapter near you and get involved!
It will be a highlight in your life. 
You don't have to be a runner to be a coach! 

photography by Ashley Russ



  1. Those sweet, happy faces just make your hear soar. Renae you are a good woman through & through. Big hug x

  2. oh man. this is amazing. as a runner and a mom of two girls, I love this. I started running 20 years ago, and with every 5k, 10k, marathon that I'd complete, my ego was fortified.

  3. What gorgeous girls! It is inspiring to see such great programs. Ax

  4. What a great program. Girls need all of this kind of thing they can get in today's world.Good for you for being involved!

    Thanks for your visit to hill country house - funky chairs, aren't they?

  5. I've read about this program and think it's one of the best things going for girls!

  6. What a beautiful bunch of little cum receptacles. My dick is getting hard just looking at them all


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