Silver is  my 'go to' metal in decor and jewelry. See some more of my love here.
I love it's character whether smooth or etched or brimming with detail.

Of late I am on the search for some interesting napkin rings for the wedding rehearsal dinner I am planning.

Have you seen a napkin clip before?

I wonder the history behind the monogramming?  
Whose table did this adorn?

A simple twist, perfect design for jewelry as well as the table.

Beautiful design for a formal affair.

Intricate detail....
I set our table every night with silver napkin rings.

Silver in its pure form is soft and the same is true of most other precious metals.

whimsical royalty

Leopard Antiques

Beautiful Charles Ashbee arts and crafts style hand beaten with a punch dot on the rim, 
read history here.
I'm drooling.

In days of old, the accumulation 
of Silver and Precious Metals 
became the main means of preserving one's wealth.

Inspiration for table decor for the dinner...silver is such a beautiful compliment to most table settings!

My sweet bloggy friend 
Lisa Porter who pens the fabulous 
also has a passion for collecting silver and wrote a lovely piece about collecting and caring for,  
read it here!



  1. Hi Renae,
    so sweet to hear from you.

    Love reading about your passion for silver ware. I guess the wedding table's setting is going to look fabulous.

    I've been a collector for decades, still am and I happily mix my Swedish silver with French and English...but I'm afraid I'm no good with the modern pieces.

    Lisa's post is very educating, I think I'll have my husband get some of that polishing the next time he's off for the States.


  2. I have a passion and a post on my love for silver too!
    Pretty napkin rings!

  3. I have a friend who collects antique silver napkin rings for each member of her family. Everyone gets a new precious heirloom every holiday. I love the idea - and might just have to steal it from her! Thanks for sharing. I'm off to research!!.............

  4. Renae, Just back in town and catching up. I love all these napkin rings. Are they all yours? this is going to be my new crush. We are headed out for our next big scavenger hunt in a few weeks and silver napkin rings will definitely be on the list. Have a great weekend. Mona

  5. Guess you already know that Scott's Antique Market boasts several retailers with scads of silver napkin rings.

    I'm drooling....

  6. Annon...I love that tradition, one I just very well may start with my family!
    Mona....silver napkin rings will be beautiful in your shop!

  7. Renee,

    Love this selection and that special serving pieces are being used! The clip is wonderful I have not seen one.

    Art by Karena

  8. oops! I think my comment was lost when I hit 'publish' just a second ago...

    just wanted to say that I loved this post, especially the monogrammed ones. beautiful!

  9. these are wonderful examples of silver napkin rings.
    i have never seen a clip befor.
    pretty cool.

    love to you!!!

  10. Beautiful bits of silver! I always admire the silver teapot with lavendar in your header, too!

  11. Interesting that I should come across your blog, and this exact post today....
    I am away on vacation, visiting my family in Denmark, and just this evening we were discussing the silver napkin holder, belongi´g to my father, as it broke... I will be sending it to the jeweler tomorrow, and hopefully be able to pivk it up before I go back to the states, as I plan to return with both my childhood napkin ring, as well as with my fathers, as we share the same initials!
    I shall keep you posted, perhpas even share an image on my blog later in the year :)

    looking forward to visiting with you again,

    Northern Light

  12. Great stuff indeed!!! What a fun hunt to be on. With so many great shopping places in Atlanta, you are sure to find some beautiful napkin rings.
    xo xo

  13. I'm not sure what it is about silver but the older the better. I'm like you, I look at the vintage monogrammed napkin ring & wonder where was it's home, what conversations were held at that dinner table? I'm a huge fan of napkin rings in general from my maternal grandmother. It was always my job to pick out which ones to use and set the table. I know you will find the perfect ones for your son & soon to be daughter in laws rehearsal dinner.

    Wishing you a lazy Labor Day tomorrow Renae.

    Much love, Deb

  14. Love this affordable luxury...most of mine purchased at flea markets and thrift shops. The collection of napkin rings shown here is lovely and I hope you find a splendid assortment for the rehearsal dinner. Happy hunting!


  15. I am sure your choice for the rehearsal dinner will be very chic! Happy Labor Day!! xo

  16. What a beautiful post! I love silver, always have, always will. Hope you are well. Happy Labor Day my friend!

  17. I love the sparkle that silver adds to a room :-)

    This is a fantastic collection of napkin rings. My favourite is the silver twist -- simple & elegant :-) And the clip is interesting -- I've never seen one before.


  18. napkin rings are so fun. we use mismatched silver ones and everyone has announce what theirs says.

  19. Hi, friend! Janice told me you were at church on Sunday. Sorry I missed you, to give you a hug. Hope you enjoyed the service. We have a great Pastor. Thanks for stopping by. xoxo

  20. Well I had just finished drooling over that French farmhouse when your silver caught my eye. You can borrow the burlwood table anytime, after it sit's in my entry for a while! These napkin rings are all just beautiful, especially the Ashby piece. I'm off to meander around and read more. Thank you Renae for including me, you are so sweet.


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